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How To: Root the HTC Hero

HTC Hero

HTC Hero


I’ve had a lot of requests from users asking how to root their HTC Hero.  To be honest there’s been too many instructions flying around on the Internet (all different) and generally only working with one type of phone.

Today I came across a topic on XDA-Developers which goes through the complete procedure with you.

1) Backup everything on your phone.  Try an app like MyBackupPro or Sprite Backup
2) Backup again.  Use a different app, or the same app to create another backup just in case
3) Backup SMS’s.  Use SMS Backup/Restore app to save all your SMS to an XML file
4) Sync on Google.  I don’t use Google Sync, but those that do you can make sure everything is saved on your GMail account

Why so much emphasis on backing up you ask?  Well, basically by rooting you’re going to wipe everything on your phone.  Everything on the SDcard will be preserved though.


Once you’ve got everything backed up proceed to the tutorial
The benefit of it being on XDA-Developers is that forum is full of EXCELLENT developers, and if you post any issues you’re having there you’ll get far better support than I could provide you with.  At least I’m honest eh?

PS:  Sorry that it’s been a little quiet on here, but I promise there willl be far more updates and  from now on!